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About Us

I have aways loved art and craft. Some of my earliest memories are of being taught knitting by my mother, sitting on the floor copying the pictures out of my colouring-in book while she sketched, and of making beds out of match boxes for my miniature baby dolls. Once I was older I still painted and sketched and I made my own clothes. When my children arrived I became immersed in patchwork and quilting as well as embroidery and making lovely clothes for them. Sketching and painting went by-the-by when my children decided it was much more exciting to paint and draw on Mummy's work than their own! They were encouraged to do their own artworks but mine took the form of needle and thread. Now that they are in their 20's I am revisiting the sketching and painting to my heart's content but with the aim of using it as a basis for my fibre arts.

My 'real' job (don't you hate it when it's called that!) is in the accounts field, working on computers each day. I enjoy it and am fascinated with the internet. It amazes me how quickly you can get information and the doors that it opens. This website combines my love of the arts with my fascination with the internet and business. I am so lucky to have a certain amount of skill in both that can allow to me spread my wings and explore.

I really hope that you like what you see here and that you find something that will help you to create your own work of art. Feel free to change things a little and use your own self-expression with them so that they are truly a part of you.

And remember - HAVE FUN!

Julie-Anne Rogers